50 Could Use Some Sense

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last week after a jury ruled that he had to pay $5 Million in damages to a woman after he posted a sex tape without her consent.  Rookie mistake brah, you always get them to sign the form before filming.  He’s not actually bankrupt he’s just attempting to protect himself from having to pay anymore money but the court is seeing his evasion attempts for what they are.

To follow up with the descent of the ballers, Mr. Jackson testified today (July 21, 2015) that his lifestyle is an illusion. He claims he “returns the jewelry and cars to the store” and he is only truly worth $4.4 Million (that Nordstrom return policy is working in his favor). Forbes is still saying otherwise. I don’t think the Smart Car is fooling anyone.

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  1. ThatDude says:

    He definetly isn’t taking this seriously. That’s probably why a jury awarded the plaintiff an extra $2 mill on top of the 5 he already owes. & let’s not forget the other $16 mill he has to pay to sleek audio after that other lawsuit. Meanwhile he shows no reserve on social media… This is a bullet he’ll actually have to bite.
    See what I did there ?

  2. trutch says:

    liar & cheater

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