Rob Dyrdek Races Ferrari’s With His Fiance

Rob Dyrdek took his future wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores to Ferrari racing school at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Canada recently. Based on his Instagram pictures, the two had a blast running 458 Speciale’s and F12’s around the track. If you follow the blog, you know Rob’s driving around in a black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta these days but after his visit to the track and a little time behind the wheel of the Speciale, it sounds like there may be a trade in the near future!

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Rob Dyrdek Ferrari

Rob Dyrdek Ferrari 458

Bryiana Noelle Ferrari
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3 Responses to Rob Dyrdek Races Ferrari’s With His Fiance

  1. Shaydenm says:

    Ferrari? Racing? Cue Tesla and global warming comments from Anders and the eco-trolls…

    • mina says:

      i know right!!

    • Joon Zhang says:

      Oh them and haters will start their little troll session soon. Prolly see one soon sitting in the drivers seat of his Toyota going “grrrr! That should be me!” In his little troll voice. HA! HA! HA!

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