Gwen Stefani steps out in her new GMC Yukon

Gwen Stefani’s garage houses everything from a G-Wagon to a minivan so it’s only fitting that she’s added a new GMC Yukon to the mix. Stefani was spotted getting out of the Yukon with her kids in Los Angeles this past weekend.

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  1. Anders says:


    That’s awfully nice of Gwen! Driving her little kids in a GAS GUZZLING KILLER JEEP!

    I bet her children will really appreciate all mommy is doing for increasing the CO2-level in the atmosphere even further. I mean – 400 ppm up from around 280 ppm before the industrialization… How can that possibly be a bad thing? The average mean sea level has only risen some 9-10 inches during the same time and is showing no signs what so ever of stopping…

    Yeah… Why drive a Tesla when you can drive a GMC Yukon or a G-Wagon?

    Oh the ignorance and the complete lack of education…

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