Ben Baller Adds A BMW X5 M To His Fleet

We recently showed you Ben Baller’s new Ferrari 488 GTB that he upgraded with some aftermarket wheels, a new suspension, and exhaust. It looks like he still had the itch to modify something though as he just picked up a new BMW X5 M that he immediately sent to Platinum Motorsport in LA for some modifications of its own. He opted to keep it clean and simple with just some new wheels, exhaust, carbon fiber bits, and of course some BMW M colored stripes on the front grille to finish it off!

Ben Baller BMW X5 M Ben Baller BMW X5 Ferrari 488 GTB Ben Baller Custom BMW X5

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2 Responses to Ben Baller Adds A BMW X5 M To His Fleet

  1. sam says:

    This guy sells jewelry, how is he a celebrity? Post more relevant people please!

  2. eli says:

    he’s had this, and it has more done to it than that, he’s about to hit 800 whp

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