Blac Chyna Buys A ‘Push Present’

I don’t know that much about Blac Chyna other than she is having a child with Rob Kardashian,but from what I can tell she is doing very well for herself. She recently purchased a Rolls-Royce Wraith for herself as a ‘push present’. I will admit that she has really good style when it comes to cars. It will definitely be interesting to see what she picks up as her mom-mobile. Most-likely an Escalade or G-Class. What do you think of her new ride?



HUGE Shout Out to Derek for the tip!

One Response to Blac Chyna Buys A ‘Push Present’

  1. Ryan says:

    She already has a new Range Rover so I doubt she’d buy another SUV. And Rob has a Yukon Denali or escalade and new range too. She has a lot of cars too.

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