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Jon Olsson Shows a Little More of His G500 4×4 Squared Convertible

We’ve only see slight glimpses of this G500 4×4 Squared since Jon Olsson first debuted it while ripping up the beach in one of his wildly popular vlogs.  Since then we knew he was going crazy with it but I would not have guessed the wood trim somewhat like an original Rolls Royce Drophead. From the photos I’ve seen thus far I’m not in love with it but I will wait to see if it grows on me!

More photos after the jump!

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Justin Bieber With a G-Wagon 4×4 Attitude

Kylie Jenner Got A G Wagon 4×4 Squared

Kylie Jenner’s at it again! Just weeks after we reported her getting a LaFerrari as a push present, it looks like she’s added yet another ride to her now massive collection. Kylie shared a picture of her and Kendall posing with her new Matte Black Mercedes G Wagon 4×4 Squared. We know Kylie’s been a longtime member of the G Wagon mafia (her very first car being one) but now it looks like she was ready to take it up a notch. G Wagons have been getting boring for a while now considering everyone in Hollywood has one, so I like that the 4×4 gives it another chance at exclusivity. What’s your thoughts on the 4×4 Squared?

Kylie lifted G Wagon


Brielle Biermann Join the G-Wagon Mafia 

Brielle Biermann is one of Kim Zolciak’s six children featured on their family show “Don’t Be Tardy” on Bravo. Brielle’s the oldest and has become a star in her own right, and it looks like she’s ready to live big like her mom as well! Brielle just shared that she’s gotten a brand new G-Wagon, blacked out Kardashian style to boot. On the show we saw that her first car was a tricked out 4 door Wrangler, then she moved on to a Range Rover not too long ago, but I guess she was ready for yet another upgrade. Always welcoming more in to the G-Wagon mafia so congrats, Brielle!

Brielle Biermann G Wagon

Justin Bieber Wraps His G-Wagon Like a Present

Someone seems to really be in the Christmas spirit this year! Justin Bieber is known for his extravagant wraps and customizations on just about all of his cars, but this one may take the cake. This said about someone who once wrapped his car in Cheetah print, so take with this what you will. West Coast Customs, which is Justin’s go-to customization company, shared a picture showing Justin’s G Wagon wrapped in what appears to be a very snow/Christmas themed holiday wrap. Obviously this won’t be permanent, so I’m curious to see what he does with this after the holiday season ends.

Justin Wrapped G-Wagon


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