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Joe Jonas Adds An Audi R8 Spyder To His Collection

A while back it there were rumors floating around that Joe Jonas was thinking about buying an Audi R8 because he was spotted test driving one late last year but we never had any real confirmation until now…

Joe Jonas was photographed leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood with a black Audi R8 Spyder. With an addition like this to a nice collection already, it’s probably safe to say we won’t mind spotting this Jonas Brother around town more often (and we never thought we’d say those words).

Joe Jonas Audi R8 Spyder

Joe Jonas Audi R8 Spyder

Joe Jonas Audi R8 Spyder





Joe Jonas Runs Around In His G-Wagon

Joe Jonas was spotted getting out of his Mercedes G500 recently. We love the color of this G-Wagon and the wheels. Unfortunately you can’t see the wheels in this photo but if you want to you can check them out here.

Joe Jonas Mercedes Benz G500















P.S. Ex-girlfriend Ashley Green was nowhere in sight.


Source: X17 Online


Nick Jonas Stretches His Legs in 1968 Mustang

Like I said before, these kids aren’t even on my radar but apparently they are doing something right. Here you can see Nick Jonas, 16 years of age out running around in very clean looking 1968 Mustang which he keeps stored with from when he’s traveling.

Nick Jonas' 1968 Mustang

Is This Jonas Brother Looking In To A Little Lambo Purchase

Apparently this guy who is a part of some group… the Jonas Brothers (beats me???), was spotted while shopping for a Lamborghini this week. Since I was shocked that he can even drive I guess it won’t be a shock that he is a part of some crazy popular boy band and can probably buy any car he wants. Serious, I’m being dead serious… he is in a band, but he is a virgin… lol!










Anyways, enough of this, back to celebrity cars!

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