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From The Archives: Ken Griffey Jr. Posing With His Porsche

We know this photo is old but we had to share. Ken Griffey Jr. is a co-owner of Porsche of Hilton Head in South Carolina so it’s no surprise he’s a huge Porsche fan. Griffey’s said before that his Carrera GT is his favorite which is understandable. Who wouldn’t want a Carrera GT?? Junior might be retired but we’re pretty sure he wont be slacking on his car game anytime soon.

Ken Griffey Jr. Porsche Carrera GT

Ken Griffey Jr. – Who Needs A Car When You Can Fly

With gas prices today some people are parking their cars and looking for other options when it comes to getting around town. For most celebrities though, sky high gas prices probably aren’t their main concern – especially for a famous sports star like Ken Griffey Jr. who parks his Bentley so he can fly his own plane.

We came across this video of former Seattle Mariner, Ken Griffey Jr. talking about his Cirrus Aircraft (a plane…with a parachute). That’s right. A parachute. Sounds strange right? Take a look at the video below and maybe when it’s over you’ll want one too. Maybe.

Ken Griffey Jr’s Bentley Continental GT

I’m not sure about this Continental GT that Ken Griffey is rolling but being that I loved Griffey when I was young I’ll going ahead and say I like it.

What about you?

See what Ken Griffey Jr. drove before the Bentely after the jump.
Ken Griffey Jr Bentley Continental GT1
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