Lilly Allen Rolls in a Mini Cooper

Check out Lilly Allen hoping in pregnant and all in to her normal sized Mini Cooper.

Lily Allen in a Mini-Cooper

Hugh Jackman In His Volkswagen

Looks like Hugh Jackman likes to keep it old shcool in his 23 Window VW Bus with white walls. We’ve got a feeling Mike Wolfe and him might get along.

Hugh Jackman 23 Window VW Bus

Danica Patrick her Lambo

So not only is she hot, she races cars, and she drives a Lamborghini Gallardo each and every day. Check out Danica while she was caught filling up her Gallardo at gas station with racing fuel no less.
Danica Patrick's Lamborghini-Gallardo

Mcdreamy Mas My Mcdreamy Porsche

I use to think Patrick Dempsey was just some Joe that was a TV star but after finding out that he is whipping a Porsche Carrera GT3 RS with orange wheels, this guy just hopped in to my top 10!

Apparently he was on his way to a Versace photoshoot… blah blah… we don’t care about that!



















What is more important is that no matter where Dempsey needs to go or how much he needs to hide behind tinted windows, it still means he needs his Porsche!

50 Cent Believes in His Pontiac G8

Every now and then I get blasts of videos from people that I have emailed in the past and for once I decided to not only read one of them, but also follow the link to watch more and little did I know, 50 Cent took some time out of his day to introduce his personalized Pontiac G8 to Fast Lane Daily, one of the best daily auto news sources.

50 Cent's Pontiac GT8