Benji Madden Whips a Lamborghini Gallardo

Who would have guessed that this Good Charlotte member would have style in cars. Well we don’t know the whole story but Benji was spotted climbing out of this custom Yellow Lambo Gallardo!

Benji Madden's Custom Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo

Britney Spears Trades in the CLK for a New Mercedes CL

Yep, that’s right. Out with the while Mercedes CLK Cabrio and with the hottest Mercedes available, the Mercedes CL. All I can say is it’s about time Britney. You are way to high-class to be driven a CLK and while I personally feel you should have a Bentley, maybe you are just a Mercedes gal. EIther way, we are hunting for pictures and as soon as any solid pics aside from the video of Britney running the red-light show up, we will share em!

Britney Spears' Mercedes CL

Ryan Sheckler in a Custom Range Rover

Ryan Scheckler, a profession skateboarder is whipping this Range Rover at age 18.

Oh and this isn’t his only car.

At first I thought the red was tacky…. but now I dig it.

Ryan Scheckler's Custom Range Rover w/ Red Rims

Vince Had to Jump Start his Prius

I didn’t even know that you could jumpstart a Toyota Prius but here you see Vince from HBO’s Entourage having to get a jumpstart from the Honda Element in order to get his Prius going.

Adrian Grenier's Toyota Prius

And yes, it is the Prius that the two are attempting to get started. No word if the car managed to get going.

Bad Prius!!!

A Celebrity Better Not Own This

I saw this car and I instantly cringed…
6-Door Toyota Prius

Yes, this is a 6 door Toyota Prius running off the same Toyota ICE system from your average Prius. If this isn’t enough to make you not want to drive a Prius, I don’t know what is!


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