For Sale: Tim Allen’s Corvette Z06

Tim Allen Corvette Z06
Looks like Tim Allen doesn’t care for the Corvette ZO6, I mean you don’t see Jay throwing any cars up on eBay… But nonetheless, the Toolman Taylor’s Corvette is the latest of many celebrity owned vehicles to hit the block on eBay as celebrity owned cars heat up and are prepped for Barret Jackson just around the corner.

Either way I do like Tim’s Style where it appears he has gone with a nice flat balck powder coat over the factory wheels.

Tim Allen and his Corvette Z06

Check out the listing over at eBay.


Scott Storch Adds a Drophead Coupe to the Family

Scott Storch was the first to cut the roof off the Rolls Royce Phantom and admittedly says its a mistake, but when you have money, what does it matter?
Scott Storch's Rolls Royce Phantom

Well take a look at what popped in his driveway this weekend…
Rolls Royce Drophead right next to his Bugatti!

Sloppy Lindsay Lohan’s Sloppy Mercedes SL 65 on eBay

What a story, the local rebuild shop buys this car from an auction, fixes it up and gets ready to slap it on the dirt car-lot only to find out there has been more tramps in this car then there is down at the local Spearmint Rhino.

Lindsay Lohan's Wrecked Mercedes SL65

Yep that’s right, this cocaine sleigh was owned by Lindsay Lohan prior to hitting the rebuild shop due to some front end damage served as a result of curb-surfing on Sunset Blvd. while allegedly riding high on the cocaine and sipping the brown bottle.

Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes SL65 on eBay

Yep, you can own this car… just hop on over to eBay.

Benji Madden Whips a Lamborghini Gallardo

Who would have guessed that this Good Charlotte member would have style in cars. Well we don’t know the whole story but Benji was spotted climbing out of this custom Yellow Lambo Gallardo!

Benji Madden's Custom Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo

Britney Spears Trades in the CLK for a New Mercedes CL

Yep, that’s right. Out with the while Mercedes CLK Cabrio and with the hottest Mercedes available, the Mercedes CL. All I can say is it’s about time Britney. You are way to high-class to be driven a CLK and while I personally feel you should have a Bentley, maybe you are just a Mercedes gal. EIther way, we are hunting for pictures and as soon as any solid pics aside from the video of Britney running the red-light show up, we will share em!

Britney Spears' Mercedes CL