Grey’s Anatomy Start Kate Walsh in her Rover

You all will know Kate Walsh best from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy where she played Dr. Sheppard, the ex-wife up Dr. McDreamy and here you can see her leaving Bel-Air in her Chili Red Range Rover Sport.

Kate Walsh in her chili red Range Rover Sport

Kate Walsh walks by her chili red Range Rover Sport

50 Cent is Selling is Lamborghini Murcielago

For those of you who watch Unique whips or read magazines like DUB and RIDES, you have seen 50 Cent’s custom painted Lamborghini Murcielago before, but who would have thought you would have the chance to buy it. Yes, 50 Cent’s Chrome painted Lamborghini is for sale on eBay and appears to have notable bids and will sell! As for features, 50’s Lambo has been treated with an unknown custom paint job, a custom stereo install by Unique Whips out of upstate New York, and a custom set of 22 inch rims. No word on weather you get to meet 50 with the sale but this has been a car that he does like so its not like you are taking out his trash. The car was last seen in Los Angeles while Big Boy gave it a car wash because of a lost bet. Also

Side note, it appears 50 is clearing house as his 52-room mansion is also for sale. Word is he is moving to Los Angeles!

50 Cent Lambo

50 Cent Lambo Murci

More on Jeremy Piven and his 1977 Ford Bronco

Well I seriously don’t make it a habit to stalk people but I just so happened to stumble across Jeremy Piven’s 1977 Ford Bronco again at what appears to be his humble abode on Malibu Road, just down the street from Paris Hilton’s summer pad.
Jeremy Piven's 1977 Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven's 1977 Ford Bronco Up Close

Chris Angel in his Lamborghini Murcielago

Everybody know Chris Angel from his magic show Mind Freak or maybe you know him more recently from dating such digs ad Cameron Diaz but either way, Chris Angel is one for having some sick cars too.

Check out Chris Angel here climbing out of his all black Lamborghini Murcielago at the Venetian Hotel valet in Las Vegas.

Chris Angel's  Lamborghini Murcielago

Hayden Christensen in his Ferrari 360 Modena

Check out Hayden Christensen strutting the chest hair while gassing up his $200K Ferrari 360 Modena in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
The former Anakin Skywalker seems to feel quite at home in his Ferrari Modena with driving shoes to boot!

Hayden Christensen gasses up his  Ferrari 360 Modena

Hayden Christensen behind his Ferrari 360 Modena

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