Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs in his Blue Hummer

As you can see, Alfonso Soriano has a stately but understated chariot, something that offers him comfort without drawing too much attention to himself. Alfonso’s custom blue Hummer H2 is certainly no Crown Vic on 26s, but it’s a little nicer than my ride.

Alfonso Soriano's Hummer H2

Alfonso Soriano's Hummer H2 Rear View

Alfonso Soriano's Hummer H2 Custom Plate

Big Black’s Ford Pinto

What says flat broke better then a Flat Black Ford Pinto with a huge dude in the driver’s seat. Check out Big Black in murdered out Ford Pinto!

Big Black's Ford Pinto

Big Black's Ford Pinto Insignia

Rob Dyrdek Spotted in Ventura in his Flat Black Tahoe

Besides running into Rob Dyrdek in his flat black Chevy Tahoe at a Rogue Status party when he had his Tahoe parked out front, I was not sure if he drove this Tahoe much. But with the recent opening of another street wear shop off of Ventura Blvd, Rob took the time to stop by out was out in the flat black Chevy Tahoe!

No word on where Big Black, Meaty, or the mini-horse were at…
Rob Dyrdek's Chevy Tahoe

And some insider shots from their RIDES photo shoot!
Rob Dyrdek's Chevy Tahoe Wheels

Rob Dyrdek On The  Chevy Tahoe

Paris in her old Bentley Continental GT Coupe

So Paris gets arrested, goes to jail, gets out of jail, picks up a summer rental on the Malibu Beach and decides to bring out her old Silver Bentley Continental GT Coupe that she has had stashed away ever since she got her Bentley Continental GT Convertible that we reported on earlier Hilton’s Bentley GTC

Check it out while Paris attempts to load a pink surf board in to Bentley this past week in Malibu.

Paris loading pink surfboard in Bentley

Rob Dyrdek Rides Dirty in a White Bentley Continental GT

Rob Drydek's White Bentley

Rob may be a C-list celebrity to the WSJ but to me, Rob is A-list even though I have yet to see him out stunin in his White Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Check out Rob Dydrek’s Bentley dressed in 22’s hooked up by Vivid Racing!

Rob Drydek Bentley


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