Does Kendall Jenner Have a Soft Spot for a 1965 Mustang???

Kendall Jenner recently posted this picture. The photo is dark but it looks like she’s driving it! Do you guys think she’s worthy of such a classic?

What Car is Chris Brown Painting Now????

What make and model is this?

Looks like somebody is trying to get in on Alec Monopoly’s game!

A video posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

Jesse McCartney Tesla

Jesse McCartney’s New Tesla Model S P85D

Jesse McCartney’s all about that insane mode! McCartney is the proud new owner of a Tesla Model S P85D and he shared a photo of it on his Instagram account recently.

Jesse McCartney Tesla

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Shout out to Anders for the tip!

Cristiano Ronaldo Range Rover

Cristiano Ronaldo Adds a Couple New Rides To His Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit of taking photos next to his car before starting his day (like this one with his Rolls Royce Ghost). Honestly, the photos put out a border line Jersey Shore, “hey, look how good I look today and check out my car” kind of a vibe but whatever. There’s no denying Ronaldo always has sick cars in his ever-changing lineup and these two most recent additions are no exception.

Here’s Ronaldo posing with his new Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mercedes Benz

Ronaldo with his new Range Rover Sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo Range Rover

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Kylie Jenner Ferrari

Kylie Jenner: Excuse Me While I Park My Ferrari Next To This Private Jet

When you’re 18 and you roll up to a private jet in your new Ferrari 458 Spider…#SMH

Kylie Jenner Ferrari
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